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DadBoner - Tue Sep 03 2013

03:50 PM #
Went back to work today after the Labor Day weekend. Didn't do crap. No one did. It's kind of a USA tradish to take it easy, you guys.

03:56 PM #
Stocked up on a couple big sacks 'o BK hamburgs for that holiday home grilled taste on the go. At just a bone a piece, it's great value.

03:59 PM #
Some folks say you shouldn't eat food that's been in your hot car for a few days, but those weren't just food. They were 'burgs from BK.

04:02 PM #
BK makes sure all their eats are safe by puttin' stuff in it so they NEVER go bad. Pretty healthy when you think about it. Quality as well.

04:11 PM #
Saturday pretty much rocked it. Lit some newspaper in my Weber Smokey Joe. Put a few BK 'burgs on for a just a touch of home taste.

04:16 PM #
Heatin' up BK hamburgs on a grill burnin' with trash gives you that family time holiday feelin' without the family hassle, you guys.

04:25 PM #
Urban camped in an "out of town's" backyard. Had a blast. Got some looks in the AM from a neighbor. Gave 'em a "cut your throat" and split.

04:27 PM #
Always park around the corner if you're somewhere you're maybe not supposed to be, you guys.

04:30 PM #
Sure, the "cut your throat" sign might be excessive, but it'll shut down any unwanted involvement in your personal business, post haste.

04:52 PM #
Sunday I decided to chill with a cooler of BL Limes around the corner from Ann's. Makin' sure the fam was safe.

04:55 PM #
Monday rocked it as well, as I chilled successfully around the corner from Ann's once more, further ensuring safety. Karl cares.

04:58 PM #
Wonder what Dave's up to? Might stop by 'round the corner out of random concern. Who knows, stakeouts, or, "caring," might be my new thing?

04:59 PM #
I can just care so hard if I really want to give a crap, you guys. Man.