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DadBoner - Wed Sep 04 2013

06:44 PM #
Hung outside Dave's last night out of casual concern, doing some caring. Looks like he put on some weight. Didn't see Sue around. (?)

06:49 PM #
Kept it chillin' with my primo babe peeper binochs, gazin' at the Dave like a big game hunter, who cares instead of kills. Felt good.

06:51 PM #
Had to avert my eyes when Dave went in for solo passions with Duck Dynasty on. Guy code. Must be real down in the dumps.

06:53 PM #
If you gotta get solo erotically, at least shoot for the stars with an all babe program, not a huntin' show. Optimize your potential.

07:02 PM #
Have to keep my eyes on the Dave. If he's down to paw his business to Duck Dynasty, Sue might be outta the picture. Could use a pal?

07:03 PM #
I mean, I coulda told Dave it wasn't gonna work out with that babe. Never does. It's all part of the player playin' the game, hustle style.

07:08 PM #
When you gotta eat it constantly, sometimes it's just easier to get used to the taste of crap, than have to grit your teeth all the time.

07:09 PM #
If life serves you a BM sandwich, at least have enough self respect to ask for extra mayo and cheese, you guys.