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DadBoner - Tue Sep 10 2013

11:45 AM #
Been really rockin' it with Dave. Just like old times. Talkin' Wendy's, sippin' cold ones, watchin' pigskin. Real guy to guy action.

11:48 AM #
Really got into for 'bout an hour last night during MNF whether Wendy's is the better with Dave's Hot Juicies or with the original patties.

11:49 AM #
Personally, I think you could never go wrong in a thousand years with an original Wendy's triple. Such a classic. Perfect portion as well.

11:57 AM #
Wendy's Pro Tip from Captain Karl: Ask for Wendy's Hot Chili Seasoning packets to squirt on your hamburg. Man. Bold flavors, you guys.

11:59 AM #
Wendy's is always bein' stingy with their Hot Chili Seasoning packets. With good reason too. Turns any dish into a taste sensation.

11:59 AM #
Finally asked Dave where Sue was. It was a "want to know" yet "don't care to know" situaish that quickly turned into a "don't want to know."

12:02 PM #
Dave started out with how "he needed space to cruise solo" and "Sue was crampin' his action." 3-7 Crown & Diets later changed the story.

12:08 PM #
Dave got all sloppy bombed and started talkin' 'bout how "his meat didn't always satisfy Sue like Wendy's does." Understandable, yet, yuck.

12:11 PM #
Also, guy to guy or not, "sometimes I could only get a soft dribble goin' out my semi after an hour of slaps and squeezin" is also, yuck.

12:17 PM #
If you gotta beat the crap outta your guy zone for an hour just for a doughy bit 'o erotic pleasure, consider a multi vitamin you guys.

12:31 PM #
Tryin' to take things slow with Dave. Can't just go from "talkin' peener problems" to "bein' pals" over night. My respect has to be earned.

12:34 PM #
Gonna chill on Dave's couch for a few days. My presence is his pleasure of course. Just helpin out a needy fella. And eatin' his snacks. Ha!

12:42 PM #
When an associate is down in the dumps over a non functional guy zone, he'll give you all the primo snacks for a welcome ear, you guys.