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DadBoner - Wed Sep 11 2013

04:17 PM #
9/11: Let's roll, you guys. For America, the USA, cold ones...everything, really.

04:20 PM #
If there's ever a day to indulge in an off your diet bacon cheeseburg, or cold brew 'til your insides are red, black and blue; it 9/11.

04:22 PM #
Made Dave order Papa J's 'za for lunch, then went to BDubs's for wings & burgs for supper. Respectfully. Gotta represent our country strong.

04:26 PM #
Today's one of them days when arm & arm, all Americans can give a giant "suck it" to the rest of the world. It's OUR day. SUCK IT, so hard.

04:30 PM #
It's your duty as an American to pound cold ones 'til you feel like you're soarin' on eagle's wings, you guys.

04:33 PM #
You don't be messin' around in Bad Boy City, USA.