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DadBoner - Sun Sep 15 2013

04:39 PM #
Really hurtin'. Emotionally, as well as physically, from booze consumption in large quantities as a form of sadness relief.

04:47 PM #
Lions seemed like they were gonna rock it. Cold ones were goin' down so smooth. Then, not. So the Beam went down rough. So steamed.

04:49 PM #
Dave broke a lamp. Sure broke lamps before. It's natural for accidents to happen when the heat is on. But on purpose has more feeling.

04:51 PM #
Detroit fans might as well just have 2 of everthing in the house. So you can break anything at the end of the game and have a back up.

04:53 PM #
Watchin' a grown man's sports frustrations erupt on top of havin' gal problems due to soft guy zone issues is like a beast rising.

04:54 PM #
If your peener don't work and your team loses all the time, you might as well just be a priest or walk in traffic or something.

04:54 PM #
Bein' a Detroit fan is like stayin' married to a dirtbag who kicks you in the teeth everyday when you get home from your crappy job.

04:59 PM #
Told Dave, we gotta take it to the limit. Really get nasty boy booze style on like never before. Also, possibly order some 'za. Supreme.

05:01 PM #
Dave asked, "Should we scream at the sky on the roof?" Like that was not gonna happen. My thirst for vengeance is out of bounds.

05:02 PM #
Let's rock with the heat of a thousand suns, you guys.