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DadBoner - Fri Sep 20 2013

01:26 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

09:10 PM #
The weekdays may slip through your fingers. But when the weekend comes, it's time to white knuckle a grip 'round a bottle, safe and tight.

09:13 PM #
Pretty much lost the last week to patch 'em up domestos on a vicious cycle. Not my style, but Dave's been down in the dumps. Had his back.

09:16 PM #
Went kinda bonkers after the Lions loss last Sunday. Last thing I remember was doin' Hacksaw Jim Duggen "Hooo!!!"s at the sky on the roof.

09:23 PM #
Always liked Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Ain't no need to be good at thinkin' when you got a 2x4 and know how to swing it at people. Simple man.

09:25 PM #
If your NFL team don't win on the weekend, you shouldn't have to stop boozin' for days 'til you're good and done. Same goes for winning.