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DadBoner - Sun Sep 22 2013

11:11 PM #
Wanna watch Sunday Night Football, but Dave's watchin' the Emmys. So disrespectful to the USA. Football is way more important than TV.

11:27 PM #
Dave finally changed the channel to football. Wanted to see if there was any "after parties" after the Emmys. What a stupid pile.

11:34 PM #
Passed out for a big long snooze after the Lions rocked it. My body was exhausted from dedication. Was drinkin' SO hard.

11:39 PM #
Told Dave, we gotta get back in the game. Been just chillin' lately. Which is righteous, but I crave action of the babe persuasion.

11:50 PM #
Sometimes you realize, "Crap. Several or more days or weeks have gone by, and babes haven't got a taste of my scent." Kinda concerning?