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DadBoner - Mon Sep 30 2013

12:07 PM #
Rocked it so hard yesterday after the Lions rocked it. That's double rocked. Woke up on the john floor, successfully.

12:10 PM #
We were inhalin' cocktails for the Lions, the USA, everyone really. And for a "good game Chicago," respectfully. Man.

12:13 PM #
Was waist deep in Jimmer and about to explode and/or hit 'Bee's for some thick and all natural babes who were ripe for a celebraish.

12:16 PM #
Dave said, "Can't cruise any babes tonight. We gotta watch "Breaking Brad." Made me turn down my Back In Black tape to low vol.

12:20 PM #
Guess Dave was real into that "Breaking Brad" show. Kept hidin' under a blanket with lots of "OHMYGOSH." Went all special weirdo 'bout it.

12:25 PM #
Dave kept sayin' "Breaking Brad" was his fav show of all time and he's a "super fan." What about Monday Night Football?! Kinda concerning.

12:27 PM #
Dave's such a fair weather TV bandwagon fan. Me? I dig the classics, like Hunter, Spenser For Hire, and Coach. Or shows with babes.

12:30 PM #
Guess it was the last Breaking Brad or somethin' which didn't make sense 'cause I didn't see no finale style chest beefers or cabooses.

12:34 PM #
In the end, the Breaking Brad guy shoulda got erotic with a few babes, piled high with all the toppings. Close out the show with some class.

12:39 PM #
Dave said, "You NEED to watch this show." I don't NEED to do anything but breathe, drink cold ones, peep babes, and crap. Idiot.

12:41 PM #
Less TV watchin', more babe peepin'. That's a new policy I just made up, you guys.

03:53 PM #
Guess that show is called, "Breaking BAD." Not, "Breaking BRAD." I know 'cause Dave won't shut up about it. It's gettin' pretty stale.

03:57 PM #
Dave walked by and gave a wife-style "attention me" sigh. Said, "Just don't know what I'll do without Breaking Bad." Jeez.

04:00 PM #
Told Dave, "Look, Breaking Bad don't give a crap about you back, just let it go and move on." Got all steamed and slammed his door.

04:05 PM #
Told Dave, tonight we're watchin' football; where real men fight each other for money. Not fairytale pretend shows.

04:07 PM #
Pointin' a camera at some bad boys fightin' each other so they win more money is what God, country, and the USA is all about, you guys.