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DadBoner - Tue Oct 01 2013

08:51 PM #
Ordered BK's "Satisfries" today. Thought they might be a bold taste sensation. Cocoa babe at the counter said, "You on a diet?" DIET fries?!

08:52 PM #
Anything called "Satisfries" should be covered in chipotle spices or kicked up far away flavors, or cheese. Not be some diet crap, BK.

08:54 PM #
The BK cocoa babe said, "Satisfries made with diet oils." No thanks. Sounds like poop shoot greaser. Right in the trash. Can't have that.

08:57 PM #
BK Satisfries could be like Olestra chips all over again. Do some BK parkin' lot 'shups and get the real deal. The squirts ain't worth it.

09:01 PM #
After 10 or so bags of them Olestra chips, my backdoor was a soulless pit of fire. I vowed, "no more diet 'tato products." Never forget.

09:05 PM #
BK's gotta think; ain't no true bad boys gonna order diet "Satisfries" in front of a babe. Screams, "I DON'T satisfy."

09:09 PM #
When you're orderin' eats in front of a babe, you gotta think, "Does my appetite kick vibes to preview carnal passions?"

09:12 PM #
All the babes from coast to coast know, Big Taste Karl's got the bold flavors to really satisfy, you guys.