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DadBoner - Fri Oct 04 2013

09:54 PM #
Go Tigs, you guys.

10:09 PM #
Crazy Cooter's still at the pad. Been rockin' since the Cleveland win. Wearin' his Browns blanket like a cape with just dirty underpants.

10:13 PM #
Cooter says his Browns blanket's been good luck, "since he wiped his meat off with it after raw doggin' a Columbian prosto." Understandable?

10:17 PM #
Cooter said, "That prosto musta been f*ckin' rank with slizz sickness, but my Browns blanket saved my f*ckin' stick with a safety wipe."

10:19 PM #
I wouldn't make carnal passions with a Columbian prosto, but if I did, it'd be with Dos Protections. (Ha! Just some guy humor there.)

10:43 PM #
Cooter's been talkin 'bout how, "Not gunkin' in a fixed cooze is a motherf*ckin sin" for an hour. Just...I'm tryin' to watch baseball. Jeez.