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DadBoner - Sat Oct 19 2013

08:01 PM #
Bless you boys. Go Tigs.

08:02 PM #
Been so stressed 'bout the Tigs series. Basically been livin' on Combos and cold ones. Nothin' wrong with 'Bos, you guys.

08:03 PM #
Been just sittin' around, white knuckle waitin' for the next Tigs/BoSox game to come on, over and over. My soul is wafer thin.

08:06 PM #
Gotta say, when it comes to the BoSox, I always dug Wade Boggs' style. He's a nasty boy cold one craver from way back, you guys.

08:09 PM #
Heard Wade Boggs drank a thousand beers on a flight one time. Man. That's Bad Boy City activity.