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DadBoner - Tue Oct 22 2013

04:05 PM #
Jimmy Leyland retired. Tigs lost. Lions lost. Can't have nothin'. Just gonna lie here on the floor eatin' Combos, waitin' to die or not.

04:07 PM #
Seasonal change is the time to get 24/7 bombed, lay on the floor, and wait for death or somethin' better to happen in your life, you guys.

04:10 PM #
Dave wiped his backdoor with my jean shorts. Said it was my fault 'cause I used the last TP. So steamed. They were broke in to perfection.

04:12 PM #
Dave said, "If you don't want me to wipe with your jean shorts, maybe don't leave 'em in the john after you make a TP shortage." Kill Dave.

04:14 PM #
Would love to just murder Dave. But he's not even worth it. Rather just sit with my Combos. 'Bos always eases the pure rage of insanity.

04:15 PM #
Whoever says you can't just live on Combos and cold ones for over 2 weeks is somebody who isn't me, you guys.