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DadBoner - Sun Oct 27 2013

08:30 PM #
Go Lions. Guess we saw who's America's team, you guys.

08:32 PM #
When you been not able to get up off the floor due to malnutrish from weeks of only eatin' 'Roni 'Za 'Bos, a big NFL win says, "stand up."

08:34 PM #
Just when you start wonderin' what a barrel tastes like, The Detroit Lions pull out a big "W" and you once again crave life's bold flavors.

08:38 PM #
Just noticed how rank my pits are. Like 'Roni 'Za Combos cauldrons of hell. 'Bos cause pit aromas not for the faint of heart or babes.

08:44 PM #
Doin' some 'shups. Might grill some brats? Who knows? Feel like anything is somethin' I could do right now, for the first time in forever.

08:46 PM #
Sometimes you have to die a little inside, in order to truly find out how to live, you guys.