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DadBoner - Mon Oct 28 2013

04:37 PM #
Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night for the Lions, you guys. Man.

04:40 PM #
Never grilled any brats yesterday. Didn't have none. Turned the grill on anyway and drank cold ones next to it. Just as chillin'.

04:43 PM #
You don't always need to cook eats on a grill to enjoy it. Just light it up, let it fry the drippins, and enjoy in an accessory capacity.

04:46 PM #
Starin' at the flames of grill for a few hours takes the mind to far away places of the good times when you rocked it successfully.

04:48 PM #
Dave thinks we should get busy on our 'stumes for 'Ween. Almost forgot it was comin' up! I'm down. 'Stumes bring out carnality in babes.

04:50 PM #
Crap. If it's almost 'Ween...I missed my b-day on the 23rd! No one reminded me. So steamed. Stinks to have thoughtless pals and fam.

04:52 PM #
Even if you're on the floor out in a souless pit of blackout, someone should at least get you a card for your b-day. Jeez.

05:00 PM #
Gonna have to go double times hard for 'Ween. Make it a b-day / 'Ween celebraish with the heat of a thousand suns.

05:02 PM #
Don't just celebrate Rocktober. BE Rocktober, you guys.