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DadBoner - Tue Oct 29 2013

07:46 PM #
Thought me and Dave might do another tag team 'stume for 'Ween. Like Bushwhackers or Demolition. Dave wants to go solo. Good luck. Idiot.

07:49 PM #
Dave said he's gonna go as, "Guyley Cyrus." Thinks it'll get big laughs and bring around heavy babes. Exactly. "Heavy" ones. So stupid.

07:51 PM #
"Guyley Cyrus is gonna be a barely legal swimsuit on my bod and a Guy Fieri wig and beard on top." So offensive on multiple levels.

07:53 PM #
Told Dave, "Miley Cyrus 'causes forbidden feelings of a consensual one on one with fellas who crave young tenders with emotional conflict."

07:55 PM #
"Dressin' your bod as Miley Cyrus if you're a guy is just gonna bring on the wrong element when the booze gets flowin' in lonely males."

07:58 PM #
Can't combine the macho madness of Guy Fieri with the overweight man bod exposure of a Miley Cyrus suit and expect anything but disaster.

08:00 PM #
I'm not some Miley Cyrus cruiser. I like my babes mature, thick, and all natural. But I've see a few pics, just to keep up on pop culture.

08:03 PM #
Dave's Guyley Cyrus 'stume might get big laughs. AT his grossout thighs, this, that, and the other. But 'Ween's not about bein' a clown.

08:06 PM #
'Ween 'stumes gotta show a babe what you'd be like in a fantasy they crave. Why regular Guy Fieri was a better choice when I rocked it.

08:07 PM #
No babes leave a 'Stume party for 'Ween with some corncob dressed like a joke toilet or some crap. Big laughs? Of course. Action? No.

08:12 PM #
Gag 'stumes like "Big sandwich" are for guys with a wife that don't want 'em gettin' carnal stares from prostitute-style 'stume babes.

08:14 PM #
'Ween is the time of year when any babe can be a prostitute with a touch of class, you guys. Gotta take advantage.