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DadBoner - Thu Oct 31 2013

12:57 PM #
Happy 'Ween, you guys.

01:03 PM #
Finally got my 'Stume all planned out. Gonna be The Hoff from Baywatch. Really pushin' the limits of 'Ween eroticism.

01:08 PM #
Short red shorts, a rich cocoa tan, a tight bod swoll from fresh 'shups, and a red painted football; and you're Baywatch Hoff. SO pumped.

01:18 PM #
When it comes to 'Ween 'Stumes, the more revealin', the better. Make sure everyone's forced to drink in your bod with their peepers.

01:21 PM #
Gonna get real thick and nasty with the fake bake so everyone sees all my bod's exclusive nooks and crannies. Cut Beef City, USA.

01:28 PM #
Not even sure where to head out tonight. Guess it don't matter, 'cause it'll be all eyes on Karl wherever when I rock my Baywatch 'Stume.

01:29 PM #
You never have to find a party, when you ARE the party, you guys.

02:57 PM #
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