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DadBoner - Sat Nov 02 2013

03:07 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the Michigan State-Michigan game, you guys.

03:13 PM #
All over the Great Lake State today, thousands of cold ones will be crushed, and plento of property destroyed. So special.

03:21 PM #
Dave's wearin' his "ANN ARBOR IS A WHORE" tee. Idiot. He likes U of M. Still, it's such a classic. Just some pigskin guy humor.

05:35 PM #
*PHILADELPHIA 11/5, WASHINGTON DC 11/7, BOSTON 11/8. #POWERMOVES Tour with @Braunger @brookswheelan . Get Tickets:*

07:29 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.