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DadBoner - Mon Nov 25 2013

03:58 PM #
Movin' back into the pad today. Dave passed out on the couch with a butt in his hand after the Michigan/Michigan State game. Idiot.

04:00 PM #
Was crashin' at Dave's mom's. Such a sow. Tried to keep it chillin' in my ride. Didn't want her stink wearin' off on my smoothness.

04:03 PM #
The pad suffered moderate to severe smoke damage. Dave burned his backdoor though from the lit butt in the cushion crack. Well deserved.

04:05 PM #
Lucky for my quick reflexes of mind and bod, I woke up on the floor and put the fire out with a pot of old Chunky soup from the stove top.

04:06 PM #
I'm not sayin' I'm a hero. But I'm for sure the man. And that don't need to be said, you guys.

04:10 PM #
Dave was puffin' one of my Camel Crush. They're a double bold flavor sensation that keeps you in action, instead of smokin on the sidelines.

04:14 PM #
Camel Crush cigs let you go from normal to menthol with their patented "Smooth Soul Brother Activation System." They're the bomb.

04:16 PM #
Guess Dave couldn't handle the Camel Crush in smooth soul brother mode. Too much 'thol for his honky cat breather bags.

04:19 PM #
If Camel Crush can make a half 'thol, half reg cig, what's next? Half buffalo wing, half nacho flavor? Could be a national diet sensation.

04:22 PM #
If you smoke less than a pack a day, you're just a social smoker as far as doctors are concerned, not some healthless animal.

04:29 PM #
Cigs ain't all bad. Such, some people die. But, how many have been saved after a deep convo while rippin' butts? Maybe more.

04:35 PM #
I'm not a "smoker." But I smoke cigs. It's different. Just 'cause I crap, I don't consider myself a "crapper." I'm so much more.

04:39 PM #
Gonna go push a BM in the john with a Camel Crush. Keep it reg through the evacuaish and crush to 'thol post grunt to relax and reflect.

04:44 PM #
Nothin' says freedom like a half menthol / half reg cig on the toilet in the privacy of your American home, you guys.