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DadBoner - Tue Nov 26 2013

07:58 PM #
Dave had a tee idea today: "FAN OF CANS" on front. On the back, pics of a toilet, some cold ones, and a rack of chest beefers. Kinda cool?

08:00 PM #
Dave said, "Everyone likes gruntin' a big crap, cold brews, and juicy milkers. Why not put it on a t-shirt?" Kinda crass, but has a point.

08:03 PM #
Was my idea to put PICS of a toilet, chest beefers, and cold ones on the tee. Dave just wanted words: TOILET = CAN. TITS = CANS. BEER CANS.

08:04 PM #

08:05 PM #
Told Dave we'd work up some FAN OF CANS protos tonight over a dirty 30. His treat 'cause I upped the quality level above and beyond.

08:10 PM #
When hashin' out a great idea, best to get pretty destroyed so you don't hold your mind back from driftin' to parts unknown, you guys.