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DadBoner - Wed Nov 27 2013

02:42 PM #
Really lookin' forward to 'Ving, you guys.

07:01 PM #
Did some solid work on me and Dave's. "Fan of Cans" tee idea last night. Decided to make it "FANS OF THE CANS." "THE" shows a seriousness.

07:04 PM #
If me and Dave can get our FANS OF THE CANS tee into a big time novelty juggernaut like Spencer's Gifts, it could be Fat Cash City, U$A.

07:06 PM #
Spencer's Gifts is your one stop shop for great gifts involving healthy bikini babe posters, those electric eyeball things, and fart sprays.

07:10 PM #
I always had a hot sense for today's fashions. No one's ever thought of puttin' a toilet, brews, AND chest beefers on the same tee.

07:26 PM #
Worked real hard on my FAN OF THE CANS tee. Think I got the stuff to compete with other top designers. So money.

07:30 PM #
Be your own God. Makes your prayers get answered quicker, you guys.