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DadBoner - Fri Nov 29 2013

05:04 PM #
Happy Soul Brother Friday to ya, you guys.

05:08 PM #
Real p.o.'d at Dave. Never came back with the turk yesterday. Went to Golden Corral by himself. Dave's such a scumbag sometimes.

05:15 PM #
I'd personally never dine at Golden Corral. Just can't feed out of a sow trough with a bunch of sad animals. I got too mucho class.

05:18 PM #
Dave still coulda invited me to Golden Corral. Mighta had a light bite if one of the grub troughs looked fresh and untouched with filth.

05:22 PM #
Spent the whole 'Ving with Cooter. He musta talked 'bout his "Slizz Soak Scale Ratings" on grossout babes for 2-3 hrs. Kinda excessive.

05:27 PM #
Think a whole 2 leet of Vernor's got spilled. Not sure how? Had a holiday blackout. Kitchen floor is so sticky one of my socks came off.

05:32 PM #
Blackin' out on a holiday lets you forget the disappointments, and leaves room for positive imagined memories, you guys.