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DadBoner - Tue Dec 10 2013

07:53 PM #
Been pretty out of it since the MSU win rolled into the Lions blizz and snowballed into complete wreckage of my thinker. Rocked it so hard.

07:58 PM #
Been tryin' to flush the liquid sin outta my bod with Pizza Rolls (supreme) and multiple trips to the john. Gruntin' gets your abs on point.

08:25 PM #
Pushin' out 6-8 hefty BMs per day burns thousands of calories. Pretty sure I read that in a Muscle & Fitness once.

08:29 PM #
Told Dave we should get us a Crassmiss tree. Really do it right. Maybes invite some babes over to help trim it? Man.

08:32 PM #
Gettin' comfy cozy with a babe around a Crassmiss tree brings out carnal holiday passions due to holiday nostalgic urges, you guys.

08:37 PM #
The warmth of tree lights & pine smells go hand in hand with a side of thick and natural chest beefers. What the holidays are all about.

08:44 PM #
Nothin' like givin' a healthy babe a gift from the Male Zone under the tree. No need for crap from Jared when you can satisfy, one on one.

08:52 PM #
My bod is the gift that keeps on givin', you guys.