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DadBoner - Fri Dec 13 2013

04:05 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

09:43 PM #
Haven't had a chance to get a tree yet. Gotta get on it soon before there's only fire hazards for poors left.

09:50 PM #
Been kinda busy. Tried the new Italiano hamburg from Olive Garden yesterday. I had to get it on. Such a bold move. I HAD to get it on.

10:04 PM #
Never thought Olive Garden would get in the hamburg game. But the 'Taliano burg was the bomb in the cheese dept. Backed me up, but worth it.

10:06 PM #
When you think of Olive Garden, the first thing is romance. Second is authentic guido crap but with some class. Not hamburgs though.

10:10 PM #
Dave's bein' a real pain in my backdoor. Says we need to get our tree and to stop talkin' 'bout Olive Garden hamburgs. Dave can suck it.

10:14 PM #
Told Dave we should head out later and axe down a tree, covert ops style. It's legal even in someone's yard. You can't OWN a tree, you guys.

10:21 PM #
Any crap in someone's yard is fair game for takin'. If it's not trash, it should be in the house. That's my policy and a law in some states.

10:23 PM #
Nothin' like gettin' real ripe and bombed then goin' out wanderin' 'round in the cold darkness to rule the night, you guys.