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DadBoner - Wed Dec 18 2013

09:24 PM #
Ann had my son call. Left a VM: "Daddy, why'd you steal my Christmas tree?" Such a low blow. I didn't "steal" anything. I "took" it.

09:27 PM #
"Taking" and "stealing" are different. "Taking" is when you need somethin. "Stealing" is when it's for fun or to get in a gang or some crap.

09:31 PM #
Besides, the tree I took is so much more off the chain now than when it was in Ann's yard, suckin' up a storm. I did it a favor.

09:33 PM #
Didn't put my tree in some weak tree stand. Just leaned it in the corner against the wall. It's more chillin', like, "S'up?"

09:37 PM #
Me & Dave been gradually decorin' the tree. Addin' on new items all the time! D'reets bags, domesto cans, and a VINTAGE Filet O' Fish styro.

09:39 PM #
Styro might be bad for the environ. But seems like alotta crap went to hell since Mickey D's started puttin' 'O Fishes in paper wrappers.

09:41 PM #
Wish I had one a them old McDLT double banger styro containers. Man. Probly worth big bucks now on eBay or some crap. Such a classic.

09:48 PM #
When you really think about it, pretty much any piece of trash becomes an ornament when you hang it on the tree, you guys.