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DadBoner - Wed Dec 25 2013

03:59 AM #
I dont knw cause of holisdays. man. got me so in the groovve lthink i brarfred in the toilit toiltet screw flush it donw town.

04:02 AM #
cVcation is on the tube the chrisy brinkley one orignal. when chvey chase has that beer with is son, all i ever wanted. so speciall.

04:03 AM #
Christy brinkley is soo smokin USA beefers so many tpppings all the fixinnns.

04:03 AM #
mor barf time to make it xmas barf times

04:05 AM #
heada for the moutnains of bushch, barf, ou guys.

02:26 PM #
Merr' Christmas, you guys.

02:28 PM #
Really hurtin'. Really, really hurtin'. Man.