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DadBoner - Fri Dec 27 2013

07:11 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

07:15 PM #
Went and got the coke white rental Camaro from in front of Cooter's. No damage. Coot didn't even hock loogs on it or nothin'. Pretty chill.

07:26 PM #
Put the bow back on the rental 'Maro. Been cruisin' 'round the hot spots, showin' off the gift I deserve. Boss player behavior.

07:29 PM #
Nothin' says, "suck it" like rollin' in a coke white Camaro with a red bow on top, windows down, and Van Halen's "Top of The World" on fire.

07:39 PM #
Might slow roll to a stop by Ann's in the 'Maro. Toss the Coke White in park, mash the gas, rock her windows, & let the nasty vibes sizzle.