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DadBoner - Tue Dec 31 2013

03:02 PM #
Really lookin' forward to NYE, you guys.

03:09 PM #
Still rollin' in the Coke White. Figured I'd keep it 'til the New Year. Really rock into the Quadteen with mad swag.

03:12 PM #
Wonder where the big bash is at tonight? Probably a bunch, but I gotta find the most primo. Can't get stuck at a stinker, wastin' my time.

03:13 PM #
Nothin' worse than midnight comin' 'round, and havin' no options 'cept a bunch of guys, starin' at their shoes, holdin' in an upchuck.

03:17 PM #
Dave said he got an "evite" to some party and a bunch of people are going. "Evite?" Sounds like some scam to steal your wallet.

03:17 PM #
NYE invites shouldn't bother with how many people are attending. They should just say how many available chest beefers'll be there.

03:22 PM #
If you're not gettin' a deep smooch and goin' for a big grab of healthy chest beefers at midnight, you shoulda just stayed in, you guys.