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DadBoner - Thu Jan 09 2014

08:01 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

08:14 PM #
Havin' issues gettin' my snow business, "K-Money's Klean-up Krew" off the ground. Spray painted the initials on my coat. Kinda concerning.

08:16 PM #
Walkin' around the Flint area with KKK spray painted on your coat is like...well, it's like what it sounds like.

08:18 PM #
Have to wear my KKK winter coat inside out now. Can't zip it up that way so I have to pre-zip and pull it over. Takes 20 minutes to get off.

08:20 PM #
Hired Dave & Cooter to shovel while I handle door to door bookings and the cash flow due to my biz expertise and mad swag.

08:26 PM #
Dave & Cooter just been hangin' out at the pad. Think if they let the snow go down, it's less shovelin'. So stupid. Snow is $$$!

08:29 PM #
Cooter brought some stuff called Fireball. It's whisky with Big Red freshness. Could be a new makeout bev? Also great for just the guys.

08:33 PM #
Don't know why in movies people always drink red wine before they have carnal passions. Gives you yuck mouth. Fireball makes more sense.

08:34 PM #
"Fireball Whisky gets you blackout bombed, but ready for a steamy makeout sesh if you don't have the spins and barf. That's Fireball."

08:37 PM #
Cooter says he's gonna start makin' his own Fireball at home by spittin' Big Red spit into some Early Times as a "f*ckin' cost saver."

08:51 PM #
"Fireball Whisky: Let the all over open mouth carnal passions proceed consensually, confident you don't got stink mouth." Too erotic?

08:52 PM #
I gotta write these down and more. Might have to send 'em to Fireball. Could be big bucks.

08:55 PM #
"Fireball: When it's cinnamon, AND it's whisky, both aroused parties feel safe and fresh in a nude embrace, anytime, anywhere, you guys."