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DadBoner - Sat Jan 11 2014

09:33 PM #
Sittin' around drinkin' Fireball with Coot and Dave, thinkin' what we'll do with all the cash once the snow removal biz starts rockin'.

09:35 PM #
Dave said he wants to get some a them "Finger Shoes" so he can get ripped after winter. "Finger Shoes?" Sounds nasty.

09:38 PM #
Dave showed me a pic of "Finger Shoes." They're shoes with toes on 'em. Told him they should be called "Toe Shoes." Or "Don't Wear Those."

09:40 PM #
Toe Shoes look like a great way to get in shape. Once you grossout all the babes, you'll have lots of time to workout all by yourself.

09:45 PM #
Toe Shoes must be some hippie crap. If you want your toes out so bad, just go live barefoot in a field like some animal, Captain Groovy.

09:51 PM #
Dave said he wants Toe Shoes to show off his "nice feet." That's what's gonna brings the babes runnin'. Yeah, runnin' away. Idiot.

09:55 PM #
When it comes to Toe Shoes, ask yourself, "Would Stone Cold Steve Austin wear those?" No. He'd probably flip 'em double middles.

10:08 PM #
Cooter said, "I'd get some f*ckin' Toe Shoes. Could toe f*ck some slizz with my shoes on." Makes sense, but not my style.

10:09 PM #
Toes should stay in your socks and/or shoes, and out of a babe's private carnal zone. That's my policy I had to just make up.

10:10 PM #
You can't expect everyone to have your same hot fashion sense. But you can suggest that they don't look like such a grossout, you guys.