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DadBoner - Sat Jan 18 2014

01:11 AM #
Really hurtin'. Been goin' hard on the Fireball. Might not be for everyday drinkin', everyday, for a week or however long you can remember.

01:14 AM #
Fireball should put a warning label on the bottle, "WARNING: NOT FOR DRINKIN' EVERYDAY. MAYBE EVERY OTHER?" Shouldn't have to guess.

01:18 AM #
Cold ones are for everyday use. Anyone who says you can't drink all the domestos you want is probs a Dr. paid off by a corncob coalition.

01:20 AM #
No one ever died from domesto cold ones. Not like you can whizz yourself to death. Or chill so hard you die. That's a fact probably.

01:24 AM #
Wonder what woulda happened if Fireball was around when Motley Crue was still rockin'? Probably woulda all died the week it came out. Man.

01:36 AM #
Thing about Fireball is, if you barf it up, nothin' freshens your breath faster and gets you ready to rock once more, like more Fireball.

01:50 AM #
When it comes to boozin' successfully on domestos, there's really only two amounts that are important: More, and morer, you guys.

06:47 PM #
Really lookin' forward to gettin' bonkers out of control for NFL Championship Sunday, you guys.

06:53 PM #
Championship Sunday might be even better than the Super Bowl? 2 games equals double snackin'. And double gettin' bombed. So money.