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DadBoner - Sun Jan 19 2014

03:39 PM #
Today's about America, all over the world, you guys. No matter who you're rootin' for, let's go football. Amen. (That's a prayer I made up)

03:44 PM #
Bein' the best at makin' up a solid prayer is what bein' a leader is all about. It don't even gotta make sense, just sound chill.

03:45 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.

07:17 PM #
Dave said if he was part of the 12th man, he'd out scream me and Cooter any day. Idiot. So stupid. I scream LOUD. Everyone knows that.

07:25 PM #
If Dave wants to have a screamin competition, it's on. Havin a scream off every Niners possession. Loser treats a Papa John's 'za. Supreme.

07:28 PM #
When it comes to pretty much anything, you can tell everybody, I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man, you guys.

10:06 PM #
Bet MLK'd be so proud of that Sherman guy right now. Man. So powerful. With the heat of a thousand black suns.

10:11 PM #
Wouldn't wanna run into that Sherman guy in a dark alley. Jeez. But on TV, he rocks. So hard, you guys.

10:14 PM #
Pure seething anger & violent behavior that'd get you arrested on the streets is what makes football one of the greatest things on Earth.