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DadBoner - Wed Jan 22 2014

10:51 PM #
Havin' a night off from boozin'. Domestos only. Throat's perty raw from the scream competition with Dave on Sunday. Gotta listen to my bod.

10:54 PM #
Whoa, just saw it's my main man Guy Fieri's b-day. Might have to put my booze break on hold. Gotta be respectful. Kinda like a holiday?

10:56 PM #
Guy must be havin' a monster b-day bash. Probably down in Cabo with Sammy Hagar, bathin' in rays, booze, and a thousand babes. Man.

11:01 PM #
Runnin' to the party store for a fresh bottle of Fireball to toast my main man Guy's b-day with the finest of bold flavors.

11:04 PM #
If you're not gettin' blackout bombed for Guy Fieri's b-day, you might as well just groan out a hot whizz on the American flag, you guys.