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DadBoner - Sun Jan 26 2014

06:56 PM #
Was gonna watch the Grammys, but no Motley Crue? No Seger? No, The Boss? No Kid Rock? No thanks. Not gonna watch some buffoon parade.

06:59 PM #
Guess Bean Tooth found a 50 on the ground at Kroger's so he's gettin' the Royal Rumble PPV. Havin' a bash. Might be some babes?

07:02 PM #
The diff between watchin' a wrestlin' PPV and watchin' the Grammys is the same as the diff between the men's john and the ladies' room.

07:05 PM #
Don't wanna sound like I wouldn't wanna hang out in the ladies' room. I'm all man. But it's inappropriate. Gotta show some class.

07:07 PM #
Hangin' out in the ladies' room might sound like a great way to meet babes, but gal's BM scents can ruin macho cravings for carnal passions.

07:10 PM #
Guy to Guy Tip: Hang OUTSIDE of the gal's john. Make a connection when she's relieved, relaxed, and not expectin' your approach, you guys.