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DadBoner - Mon Jan 27 2014

08:24 PM #
Had a blast at Bean Tooth's Royal Rumble bash last night. Weren't any babes, but felt could to rock out, all guy style.

08:29 PM #
Can't be on the hound path for babes all the time. Sometimes, you gotta keep 'em cravin' 'cause your man beef don't keep 7-Eleven hours.

08:34 PM #
Was really diggin' this guy Daniel Bryan. He's like a goat man maniac or somethin'. Real bonkers. Kept the crowd rockin'. So off the chain.

08:36 PM #
Daniel Bryan does some move where he points up in the air and goes, "YES! YES! YES!" Let's everybody know, you're pretty much the man.

08:38 PM #
You walk into anywhere, screamin', "YES! YES! YES!" pointin' around like a madman, with maniac eyes of fury, no one's gonna ask questions.

08:41 PM #
Best part of the Royal Rumble mighta been when Crazy Cooter choke slammed Bean Tooth on the coffee table after their Ric Flair chop contest.

08:43 PM #
Think Crazy Cooter might be on performance enhancers or other drugs. Shows occasional strength above his stature. Kinda concerning?

08:46 PM #
When one of your pals seriously injures another pal, bad boy style, you gotta encourage the destruction so it's not a waste. Guy code.

08:47 PM #
YES! YES! YES!, you guys.