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DadBoner - Mon Feb 17 2014

07:14 PM #
Had such a blast for 'Tine's Day weekend. Had a few real fine convos with some lonely 'Bee's babes. Nothin' carnal. My choice of course.

07:16 PM #
Just 'cause a babe is on lonely street, it don't mean you gotta give her a test drive. Sometimes a honk and a wave shows alotta class.

07:19 PM #
When a boss player like myself cruises a babe at 'Bee's with a mucho marg, she's gonna want a taste. But they can't ALL have some Karl.

07:22 PM #
You gotta respect the ladies, and line 'em up for later when you can make a sound decish 'bout who's still ripe when you're not bombed.

07:26 PM #
Was gonna take Dave to the gym today. Show 'em how to get his body swoll and on point, but it's Pres Day. Gotta tip some for the USA Chiefs.

07:31 PM #
Gotta raise a cold one for my main man Barry O. Sure he's doin' the same x 1,000. Maybe gots Kool & The Gang for a private performance? Man.

07:35 PM #
Pres Day is the day when we have a USA celebraish for the "Commander In Chief" as our "Commander In Cold Ones." Respectfully, you guys.