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DadBoner - Tue Feb 18 2014

08:20 PM #
Told Dave we should hit the gym today. Said he "wasn't sure it's a good idea 'cause of his heart attack." What a milker. It was "mild."

08:23 PM #
No one ever died from gettin' their bod too swoll from pushin' heavy weights. Health can't kill you. That's factual.

08:26 PM #
I been a 'shups man since way back. But lately, I'm cravin' a bod 'splosion that only iron can satisfy. Might get jacked like Sly? Man.

08:30 PM #
Feel like I never reached the full potensh of my beef pipes. Ann was always holdin' me back. But now, in my prime, it's time to explode.

08:32 PM #
Told Dave, I'm doin' him a favor. Personal trainin', free of charge, from a noted bod specialist such as myself, could cost PLENTO.

08:37 PM #
Once I take Dave from slop to sizzle in the physical department, there might be loads of smoke show babes lined up with cash to get Karled.

08:41 PM #
"Babes, want your beefers and backdoor on point? You see Karl for a K-Money Sweat Sesh." Could be big. Maybes sell my own DVD on the tube?

08:46 PM #
When your bod's a walkin' meat case of perfection, it's impolite to not get in everyone's face 'til they get dialed in to your standards.

08:53 PM #
"Don't just train bodies. Train minds to make the bodies do the crap you want 'em to." Think karate master Bruce Lee said that, you guys.