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DadBoner - Thu Feb 20 2014

01:45 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

06:18 PM #
Heard Hot Pockets had a bad beef situaish. Kinda concerning?

06:21 PM #
Dave said Hot Pockets was cuttin' up cows with diseases, so we shouldn't eat the 10 boxes we got in the freeze. So steamed.

06:24 PM #
I rely on Hot Pockets insides for quality protein that keeps my bod toned with swollness. Hurts to hear they were sellin' sickness.

06:30 PM #
Always thought you could count on Hot Pockets for a healthy hot meal for one. Not anymore. Could give you double diarrhea instead of single.

06:33 PM #
Hope that babe from the Hot Pockets commersh didn't catch the HotPock's cow sickness in her chest beefers. What a smoke show. Man.

06:37 PM #
Hot Pockets lied 'bout babes gettin' steamy with feelins of carnal passions from guys eatin' their Pocks. Ate one at the mall. Zero babes.

06:40 PM #
If anyone's gonna get a babe loose and conversational by eatin' a Hot Pocket, it's a real man like myself. Not that corncob in the commersh.

06:42 PM #
Dave said we should take the Hot Pockets back to the store and swap for some healthy fresh crap that won't make you sick, like Pizza Rolls.

06:46 PM #
Can't have your bowels blowin' up with death stool just 'cause Hot Pockets wants to use diseased ingredients in their products, you guys.