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DadBoner - Wed Feb 26 2014

08:19 PM #
Just went to FedEx to print out my letter to Hot Pockets. So steamed. Gave me a bill for like 40 bucks! Highway robbery, plain and simple.

08:21 PM #
While I was at FedEx, decided to make the most of my business time by checkin' out the Maxim website for any updates. Was a bunch.

08:23 PM #
Told FedEx, just 'cause I was peepin' Maxim babes on their 'puter, they can't charge me for it. They don't OWN Maxim OR the internet.

08:24 PM #
Couple hours peepin' internet babes is reasonable. FedEx should only be able to charge for the time spent doin' what you really came for.

08:27 PM #
30 cents a minute for 'puter time at FedEx isn't clearly stated as, "ALL usage INCLUDIN' peepin' cravable babes pics." Should be a sign.

08:30 PM #
If FedEx don't want you lookin' at babes pics on their 'puters for FREE, that should be for FREE, then they shouldn't have it available.

08:33 PM #
No one should be able to charge for internet anymore. Should be illegal. The fat cats have enough $$$. This is the USA, not China, you guys.