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DadBoner - Mon Mar 03 2014

04:50 PM #
Told Dave we should hit the gym today. Start gettin' his bod on point. Dave said, "he doesn't feel very good." What is he, a 4th grader?

04:51 PM #
A macho man is either pukin' or crappin' his guts out, or not. There's no in between when it comes to health for a real bad boy, you guys.

04:54 PM #
Who really ever feels "good" during the day anyway? Maybe some idiots in yogurt commercials, but they're just big fat fakers.

04:58 PM #
If you're really livin' right, you don't feel "good" 'til it's 12 pack o'clock. Everything else is just a naggin' pain of time.

05:01 PM #
Feelin' "good" when you wake up probably just means you're half assin' your life away, you guys.