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DadBoner - Thu Mar 06 2014

12:02 AM #
Was rockin' out to air keys on Halen's "Right Now." Dave said, "Isn't this the Crystal Pepsi song?" Had to leave the room to punch a wall.

12:04 AM #
There been alotta atrocities in history, but Crystal Pepsi usin' Halen's "Right Now" has gotta be in the top 10 of most evil crap.

12:08 AM #
No one wants Pepsi in the first place. Why'd they have to make it clear AND ruin a Halen song? So stupid. So irresponsible.

12:13 AM #
Only reason anybody ever gets Pepsi is 'cause it was on sale and you're a poor. Or, 'cause it's all they got at T-Bell, but then you do Dew.

12:15 AM #
If there's Dew available, and you get Pepsi, you probably also make carnal passions through the peener hole in your undies. Zero passion.

12:33 AM #
Mountain Dew should make an adult bev with booze already in it. Call it, "Mountain Dooze." Could sweep the nation, you guys.

02:32 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.