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DadBoner - Fri Mar 07 2014

06:21 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

07:26 PM #
Crap. Just realized St. Paddy's is comin' up! This is why I need one a them countdown clocks on the wall year round. They're practical.

07:31 PM #
Wonder how many people have killed themself 'cause they forgot about St. Paddy's day? Probably at least 10. Maybe more. Nightmare.

07:36 PM #
Gotta get a St. Paddy's countdown clock. Bar quality. Maybe a Guinness or Jaymo one. It's responsible AND great style for the home.

07:39 PM #
If you miss a national drinkin' holiday, you should just slam your guy sack with a tack hammer and wander off in the woods to die, you guys.