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DadBoner - Sat Mar 15 2014

04:35 PM #
St. Paddy's Day weekend, 2014. Let's roll, you guys.

04:40 PM #
Started the day off with a corned beef reuben sammie from Arby's. Really hit the spot, St. Paddy's style. Might not be Irish? Close enough.

04:43 PM #
Coupled my reuben from Arb's with a Mickey D's Shamrock Shake to really kick up the luck o' the irish with further bold flavors.

04:44 PM #
Nothin' like hittin' multiple fast food spots to create a custom meal built just for you. I call it, "mobile food courtin'."

04:47 PM #
Almost forgot 'bout Shamrock Shakes this year. For the best. Had what some have called a "problem" in the past. Not me. THEY have. Idiots.

04:50 PM #
It's ok to be addicted to somethin' you ingest for a few days or weeks. It's not really an "addiction" if it's not forever, you guys.

04:56 PM #
You can't be addicted to Shamrock Shakes anyway. They got no booze in 'em. That's why I hit mine with Jaymo. I call 'em, "Green Monsters."

05:00 PM #
Mickey D's don't want you pourin' Jaymo into your Shamrock Shakes in the store. They can suck it. While I suck it down. Ha!

05:04 PM #
Gonna hit a few bottles of Fireball with some green food coloring, crank up Thin Lizzy's "Dedication," and unleash my inner irish beast.

05:08 PM #
WLZN. It's the Captain, comin' atcha live for St. Paddy's weekend. This one's Dedicated to Phil Lynott, you guys.