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DadBoner - Fri Mar 21 2014

03:22 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

03:33 PM #
Saw Subway is sellin' pizza now. It ain't enough they suck it at sandwiches, they wanna suck it at 'za too?

03:38 PM #
Sammies, now 'za? What's Subway gonna ruin next? Brats? Wings? Burreets? Seems like sky's the limit for their trash.

03:42 PM #
Ain't been one for Subway since that Tito guy gave me an eyeball fulla judgement for gettin' ranch on my meatball footlong. Idiot.

03:45 PM #
I don't care if it's 5 bucks, I don't want no styrofoam bun filled with a bag mix salad and different colored boloney slices, Subway.

03:48 PM #
"Subway, Eat Fresh?" More like "Subway, Eat at Whatever Else is Open." Ha!

04:09 PM #
Subway decided to put Fritos on a sammie. Like their boring crap can hide under there.

04:10 PM #
I been talkin' 'bout puttin' Cheetos on sammies for years. Now Subway uses Fritos? At least get the idea you stole from me right, corncobs.

04:13 PM #
When my brain makes a think that's off the chain, I gotta protect it better. Can't be just sayin' stuff out loud for any idiot to do wrong.

04:15 PM #
People who are slow to think are the fastest to steal, you guys.