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DadBoner - Wed Mar 26 2014

04:05 PM #
Been tryin' to keep it chillin' on the down low while March Madness is on a break. Gotta recharge my bod for successful viewing.

04:07 PM #
After March Madness, MLB starts, and NHL playoffs. Don't know how anyone's supposed to have a job. It's not reasonable.

04:12 PM #
Might start lookin' for "gigs" instead of "jobs." Sounds more renegade, like you're free to tell any head honcho to suck it at any time.

04:17 PM #
Saw this under "Gigs" on Craigslist. Not my style, but guess sky's the limit for creative types to rake in fat $$$:

04:23 PM #
Gonna cruise by the old work. See if they need any "gigs" done. Nothin' permanent. Might be a better fit for everyone that way.

04:27 PM #
Gonna have a FEW drinks. Get loose and conversational. LIGHT afternoon booze breath lets people know: it's not a problem, it's a lifestyle.

04:32 PM #
Never rap with an ex-anyone while you're completely sober. Makes it look like they broke you down into a bad time snoozefest, you guys.