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DadBoner - Wed Apr 16 2014

09:18 PM #
Been kinda down. Heard Ultimate Warrior died, snow won't stop happening, and Miggy's hittin' .214. Feel so lost.

09:22 PM #
Ever snap outta starin' at the TV or a wall and think, "Uh oh. How many yesterdays happened since my brain decided to take time off?"

09:25 PM #
Sometimes, life is alot like in "Hot For Teacher" when Diamond Dave says, "I don't feel tardy?" It's hard to always be sure if you are.

09:27 PM #
Gotta change things up. Might consider a new 'cut, but growin' a rockin' pony is a labor of passion to perfect. And it's ALWAYS a classic.

09:31 PM #
When a pony tail man cuts of his rock locks, it's a sign that life finally crushed his man sack, and he's screamin' "uncle."

09:36 PM #
Might shave off my face brush? Growin' it back could just be the activity I need to kickstart my heart into a heavy load of productivity.

09:40 PM #
Plus, who knows? My man mug bush could be hidin' all kindsa macho babyface freshness that might drive the babes bonkers with desire.

09:42 PM #
Gonna have Dave tape my hot man shave. Could send it to Gillette for an ad? Man. It'd be so money.

09:44 PM #
You can't beat the real deal eroticism when it comes to a bad boy shavin' himself clean in a hot 'n soapy situaish, you guys.