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DadBoner - Tue Apr 29 2014

08:50 PM #
Whoa. Just heard about that basketball owner guy. Sounds like a real piece of trash, you guys.

08:54 PM #
Guess the b-ball owner guy's name is Don Sterling. Think that's the same name of a guy on Madman? Haven't watched that show in awhile.

08:56 PM #
Guess Don Sterling had a big prob with soul brothers, but his babe was a cocoa honey? Idiot. Can't just be racist unless it's carnal.

08:59 PM #
No way Don Sterling was treatin' that cocoa honey correct in the passions department. His peener & veggies are about a thousand years old.

09:03 PM #
Guess Don Sterling lost some cash. But a piece of trash like that needs some street justice from a guy like Chuck Barkley behind the scenes.

09:06 PM #
Don't watch the NBA much anymore, but if you let Chuck Barkley fist smoke Don Sterling on the TNT halftime report, I'd be down.

09:09 PM #
Guess Don Sterling said some crap 'bout Magic Johnson. As a Michigan man, Laker or not, makes me pretty steamed. Still, Lakers suck it.

09:12 PM #
If I ran into Don Sterling in a dark alley, I'd take a whizz on him. Then I'd take his caramel honey out for a hot meal with a REAL man.

09:14 PM #
It's a natural fact that K-Money is down with the smooth soul brothers and cocoa honeys from coast to coast. Like Ric Flair.

09:29 PM #
USA ain't got no place for racist rich pieces of garbage. Don Sterling is just a walkin' piece of thousand year old #2 with a bank account.

09:44 PM #
Don Sterling's probably gonna eat it while gruntin' out a hard old stress stinky in the next few days. Ha! Man.

09:47 PM #
Nothin' like an evil old piece of trash eatin' it on the toilet with final breaths of his own BM to make things square, you guys.