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DadBoner - Thu May 22 2014

03:44 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the 'Morial Day weekend, you guys.

03:55 PM #
Gave Ann a ring 'bout if she had a beef with me gettin' adult and consensual with Thanny. Haven't heard back. Wonder if that's a yes?

03:58 PM #
If you ask someone a question and they don't give you a hard "no," it's fair game to go bonkers with your initial intentions. It's the law.

04:01 PM #
Don't have time for Ann's games. I need to line up my babes for the long weekend of USA passions.

04:03 PM #
Those we remember this 'Morial Day would want us all to enjoy the thick and natural USA chest beefers they're missing out on, you guys.

04:04 PM #
If you don't get your fill of American babes for 'Morial Day, piled high with all the toppings, you might as well just spit on the Flag.