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DadBoner - Sun May 25 2014

03:24 PM #
Just got a call from Ann. Didn't appreciate the 4am phone call 'bout, "Is it ok for Karl to give the sow plow to Thanny? This the Dave Man."

03:27 PM #
Don't remember havin' Dave call Ann. Maybe? But callin' carnal passions "the sow plow" certainly ain't my style. Gotta respect the ladies.

03:31 PM #
Not remembering things from 'Morial Day Weekend is what 'Morial Day Weekend is all about, you guys.

03:34 PM #
Told Dave we should just have a bash at the pad tomorrow. Invite Thanny over. Do it up right on the lawn. Show her how I handle business.

03:38 PM #
Showin' a babe how you throw an off the chain celebraish is such a carnal power move, you guys.

03:42 PM #
Brats, chips, dips, cold ones, Beam & Vernor's, plento of ice, red Solo cups. The works, really. Full spread.

03:44 PM #
Any rock solid celebraish begins and ends with plento of ice, you guys. PLENTO.

03:49 PM #
This 'Morial Day, may you ride with a cold one high, Kid Rock and Seger as your guides, and a babe with healthy chest beefers on the side.

03:56 PM #

03:56 PM #

03:57 PM #
'Morial Day Weekend, 2014. Let's roll, you guys.