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DadBoner - Wed May 28 2014

05:17 PM #
Don't recall portions of the weekend. Musta rocked it thoroughly and successfully. That's how you know. By not knowing for sure.

05:22 PM #
Recall me and Dave puttin' out a full spread on the lawn on Monday. But my memberies turn old TV snowy after Fireball became a good idea.

05:23 PM #
After Fireball shots sound like a good idea, chances are, you aren't goin' to have anymore good ideas for another day or so.

05:26 PM #
I got flickers in my upstairs where Thanny stopped by after dark. Mighta got consensual? Can only assume. I mean, I'm pretty much the man.

05:29 PM #
If you don't 'member if you got erotically carnal with a babe, just ask yourself, "Well, am I THE MAN?" If yes, you probs got adult nasty.

05:34 PM #
Hope Thanny didn't see Dave with his nude bottom in the keg tub. Legs fell asleep when he snoozed. Thinks he might have nerve damage. Idiot.

05:38 PM #
I've got pins & needles from snoozin' on the john too long, but a crap nap ain't enough for nerve damage to my guy trunks. I'm all man.

05:51 PM #
If you can't crap without causin' serious injury to your extremities, you need to reevaluate your style of gruntin' out stinkies, you guys.