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DadBoner - Sun Jun 15 2014

05:39 PM #
Happy Dad's day to ya, you guys.

05:43 PM #
Figured I'd get a ring from Ann & the kids. Nothin' yet. Kinda hurts, you know? Right in my guy ticker. Karl cares.

05:46 PM #
Just 'cause I'm not around as a father, it don't mean I'm still not the #1 Dad in The USA. Two totally opposite things.

05:47 PM #
Boxers who used to be champ are stilled called "champ" after they lose the belt. That's what bein' a cool Dad who's not around is like.

05:48 PM #
Don't really even miss my fam anyway. To them, "Dad" was just another word for "slave." Gotta do MY thang.

05:52 PM #
Been gettin' too hot & heavy with Thanny to worry 'bout my fam anyway. Poundin' booze. Smoochin'. The works really. Full spread. Ha! (JSGHT)

05:54 PM #
Nothin' like a summertime romance based on questionable decisions & casual blackouts to really make you feel alive.

05:58 PM #
Just 'cause you're not around for convos and communication, it don't mean your life don't go on strong.

06:00 PM #
Folks who don't feel the need to make phone calls, text, or spill their guts on the 'puter are probably too busy livin' the dream, you guys.

06:02 PM #
Gonna go get some mexican eats for Dad's Day with my babe. Just seems right. Latinos love bein' a Dad alot.

06:10 PM #
This Dad's Day, remember: Lose the sleeves and forget the collar. Ease up in the restaurant like a mad swag baller. (Could be on a card?)

06:12 PM #
Chest beefers, carnal passions, cold ones, and bold flavors. To every Dad from coast to coast in the USA. Amen, you guys.